2 On my way home

Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011
Since May, i live in new village with my husband. I think it is beautiful village and the nature is cool, is great but unfortunately it is so hard to find food here not too mention far from family and best friends that i love is just like loosing some grip, but then i have God and very good husband here,when i miss my friends i can just send my texts or just going home about two hours with the long road riding our motorcycle, yep motorcycle..i always hope our journey are fine ^^ ,my baby is a strong child even before he/she's born, i believe (22 weeks now ^^).

Just like other people's life, living in the village is not easy as you may think. However, i think is time to learn a lot, may this journey will be meaningful to our little family. I do hope that on my way home, i can clearly say that i already find something great for now, for the future and hereafter. Amin

Random shot from my cellphone  near my house, no art update since i got CTS *sniff* hope my hands will recover soon, Amin